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  • Welcome to my blog! I am the photographer for the adventurous couple that sees the beauty in authenticity! I have a heart for travel and sharing stories and you can see a glimpse into my work and life here! Explore, read, and stay awhile. Oh, and do say hello if you'd like. I'd love to connect.

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Jason + Camille’s Nordic Heritage Museum Wedding :: Seattle Wedding Photographer

Camille always had the travel bug. Growing up, she aspired to be like Indiana Jones, so when

Carrie + Tyler’s Edwards Engagement :: Vail Valley Wedding Photographer

Carrie & Tyler had the perfect romantic hut trip weekend planned. They hiked at a good pace and

Mary Claire + Benjamin’s Memphis Botanic Garden Wedding :: Memphis Wedding Photographer

Their story begins at a donut shop in Rwanda July 2010.  Mary Claire was living in Rwanda teaching

Gaby + Trey’s Lake Creek Wedding :: Vail Valley Wedding Photographer

Gaby + Trey met at their good friends’ engagement party in 2009.  Two conclusions were made

Stevie + Nick’s Mountain Wedding :: Palmer Divide Wedding Photographer

Stevie + Nick’s love is effortless. The way they met, fell in love,  and live life together